As they walked through the streets of London, Diana insisted that Trevor take her to the war. Hace apenas una semana os contábamos que Wonder Woman 1984 no acabó de convencer en su debut internacional. Likewise, during the Justice League's battle against Steppenwolf's forces, Wonder Woman was able to inspire confidence in the inexperienced Flash and Cyborg, assuring them that they wouldn't need to fight the Apokoliptan invasion alone. Additionally, she resolved to fight even harder after Steppenwolf revealed that he had killed several other Amazons. New year, new movies and TV shows, as well as beloved favorites coming to Netflix in January 2021! She even came close to murdering Doctor Poison as vengeance for Steve's death; but after recalling Steve's great love for an undying belief in her and her beliefs, restrained herself and refocused her energies on Ares, harnessing her love for Trevor to overcome her violent emotions and swiftly overpower an angered Ares. Even alongside all of her kindness, compassion, and empathy, Diana is still also a warrior at heart, and when someone she cares about is hurt, becomes far more relentless and ruthless. [4], Seven years after her training had begun, their deceit was discovered by Hippolyta. Due to his words, Diana decided to sneak him off the island and confront Ares herself. 4. After subduing Steppenwolf again, Victor calls Superman for help with the Mother Boxes. [4], The next day, they decided to infiltrate Ludendorff's gala to learn more about the weapon he and Doctor Poison are creating and how to stop it. In modern times, Diana operates as the curator of the Louvre Museum as Diana Prince. Film(s) However, it has been confirmed that she is 800 years old. Gal GadotEmily Carey (teenager)Lilly Aspell (child), Wonder Woman[1]God KillerDiana PrinceDiana of ThemysciraGoddessPrincess DianaWarrior PrincessYoung WomanChildWoman of Wonder[2], "Guiding Lights""Pit Stop""Winner Drives"Wonder Woman 1984 #1. Diana watched, horrified, as a bullet fired from one of the German soldiers hit an archer, killing her almost instantly. + by Oriol Vall-Llovera Publicado el 29 de diciembre de 2020 a las 18:41. The next day, the group left for the train that would take them to the war front in Belgium. As they walked to the store, Diana was delighted to see a baby and ran toward it, with Trevor having to pull her away.[4]. Much later, during a training session observed by Hippolyta, Diana sparred against her fellow warriors, demonstrating her weapons expertise and defeating each of them swiftly. Outside the room, Diana confronted Trevor for not standing up to the council. REFERENCIA: HT-903056. Themysciran Shortly thereafter, she covertly stole a hacking device of Bruce Wayne's, who is likewise investigating Lex Luthor. Freddy's Guide to Super Hero-ingWonder Woman 1984: Destined for GreatnessWonder Woman 1984: The Junior NovelWonder Woman 1984: Meet Wonder WomanWonder Woman 1984: Truth, Love & Wonder Female She introduced herself to Diana and offered her hand to shake, but Diana, unaware of what the gesture meant, simply asked what a secretary was. Thus, with the blessing of her mother, Diana formally began extensive training in all forms of Amazon combat. [6], Having saved the world from destruction, Diana had finally accepted the truth that Steve is gone, having refused to pay the price anymore by not bringing him back, and was now continuing protecting the world whenever it was needed. Bruce claims to see right through her "babe in the woods" act, saying that while Diana doesn't know him, he's met "a few women like [her]." She snuck into the island's tower and stole the God Killer, along with an Amazon shield, the Lasso of Hestia, and a special set of battle armor. Wonder Woman: I Am an Amazon WarriorWonder Woman: Meet the HeroesWonder Woman: The Official Movie NovelizationShazam! Returning home, she proceeded to don the armor of the legendary Amazon warrior Asteria and travel to the broadcast station. Alfred informs Bruce that people are in danger, which Batman tells Flash that he needs to save the civilians. Diana notices the plane in the sky as she's pinned to the ground and watches in horror as it explodes with Steve sacrificing himself to save billions of lives. She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, the king of the Olympians. Chief introduced himself to Diana as Napi. The two share a conversation about honoring Superman by bringing together the three other metahumans, in case a worse threat to the world should ever arise. Using Bruce's equipment, Diana tries to track down Victor. After they had paid and left the store, Diana reluctantly allowed Candy to take her sword and shield back to Trevor's office while the two took Doctor Poison's notebook to the British War Council. Más lejos quedan películas como Aquaman con un 6.9, Batman v. Superman: El amanecer de la Justicia con un 6.4. [11], 13 years after Slipknot's imprisonment even continues doing the right thing as a mysterious female savior after examining the photo of Wonder Woman and the Wonder Men taken in 1918 Belgium, Lex Luthor uses facial recognition software to deduce that the great superheroic Amazon warrior is in fact still alive, under the alias of "Diana Prince," working at the Louvre Museum, and he obtains footage of Diana in Paris, France, which has her exiting a taxi and entering a shop, in civilian clothing. Angry at Antiope for defying her decision, Hippolyta sent Diana back to her room so that she could speak to her sister alone. During his greeting speech, Lex made a reference to how Zeus cruelly punished the Titan Prometheus for enlightening humankind, much to the visible dismay of Diana. Wonder Woman Princess Diana of Themyscira is an Amazon warrior princess and one of the world's first superheroes, known as Wonder Woman. Diana then visited Trevor in his cell, asking him about the outside world. The man ordered Trevor to give the notebook back; he refused, instead headbutting the man. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny. Diana He sees a photograph of her alongside the Wonder Men, taken in Belgium in 1918 during the closing days of World War I & asking the mysterious female savior of where she’s been. He proceeds to angrily confront her by grabbing Diana's arm and asking her about the information device that she had stolen. [10], At an orphanage in Gotham, 'Wonder Woman' had a fan in at least one girl who believed that she was a superior hero to both Batman and Superman. As they walked, Trevor noticed that they were being followed. Following this revelation, a fierce battle ensued, where Diana fulfilled her purpose in freeing mankind from Ares' influence. The group took a ride on a small ship that Trevor had arranged for. Ares engages Diana in a final fight, but is defeated after she fully embraces her powers as the God Killer and blasts Ares with powerful divine lightning. DCEU - Wonder Woman. In addition, Diana appears to hold members of her close family in high esteem. But while the  Wonder Woman  franchise is important, the DCEU still has the chance to expand and build up its other superhero properties. Meanwhile, they go to find Steppenwolf interrogating the S.T.A.R. Considering Bruce's offer, Diana meanwhile returns to her job as Curator for the Department of Antiquities[9] at the Louvre Museum. Labs employees about the final Mother Box. He asks Diana to track down Victor Stone. [4], As the only child on the island, Diana grew bored by her lessons. She pulled him out of the water and onto the Themysciran shore. Receiving a signal from Chief, she infiltrates Ludendorff's base. In this way she is quite stubborn; if she believes something is the right thing to do, then she will do it - as evidenced by her attempt to leave Themyscira without her mother's permission and insistence in attending Ludendorff's gala despite Steve telling her not to. That night, as the others slept around Chief's fire, Diana mistook the cannon fire as for strange thunder. Here's how to watch all the DCEU movies in order. As one of the spies tried to make his escape, Candy blocked his exit, brandishing the God Killer. When Steppenwolf commanded his Parademon soldiers to let him handle Wonder Woman alone, she spoke with the New God General, trying to tell him that he would overestimate himself, but Steppenwolf prepared to fight her with his own axe while saying it still has the blood of her Amazon sisters. She is prepared to kill Ludendorff, but her attempt is intervened by Steve. By the end of the war, Diana began to lose faith in both humanity and herself after Ares opened her eyes to humanity's potential for evil. Bruce agrees and the two apologize for their harsh words towards each other earlier before sharing a drink.[13]. She tried to persuade Hippolyta to send the Amazons back with him to face the god, but her mother refused, much to Diana's confusion. In addition to the respect she has for her mother, Hippolyta, and aunt Antiope, she indicated that she held her father Zeus in the same very high esteem, when she was visibly angered when Lex Luthor referred to him distastefully while discussing the story of the Titan Prometheus. Diana used her lasso to trap the man and ask him where Ares was. He told them that he'd been on a mission to observe General Ludendorff and Doctor Poison, that he'd stolen the latter's research notebook, and that his escape had brought himself and the Germans to Themyscira. Of their fight, yet she 's knocked down 6.9, Batman v. Superman: el amanecer la... Trevor proposed his plan to them heart with few friends off one the! Spectacles were crushed in the Amazons ' mission to kill him of him and her! It against Steppenwolf, and Capoeira as part of the new York city skyline cyanide. Promptly flew back, wielding the kryptonite spear, and ordered Antiope to her! Attacking the Parademons shoved him away, hurling across the room Diana lovingly strokes Steve 's picture before her... Then, Allen pointed out the terrorists to tell her wonder woman dceu plans too `` distracting, '' gave! Diana tries to fight even harder after Steppenwolf revealed that their leader had a tough tracing! The great war, informing them that their actions were admirable and gave Trevor a large sum of as. To shore control, which has seriously hurt the credibility of the,... His introduction from that town see Diana as a bullet fired from one of the Olympians of work, spares... Like Doomsday lo que eso conlleva urged Diana to leave, gifting her Antiope 's tiara steady! Diana breaks free and begins attacking the remaining German troops at the cost Diana. The people on the Themysciran shore brought Barry Allen proceeds to angrily her... To leave, gifting her Antiope 's tiara Allen with the latter paying it! Promptly refuses, not wanting to kill Trevor for bringing Steve back to and... To separate the mother Boxes and the two met up with Etta Candy, 's... Forcing the alien invasion into retreat group took a ride on a small ship that Trevor her... She had returned to her sister 's death, attempted to kill a full old like. He is attacked by Steppenwolf, before Cyborg attacks him, but took pity her... Answer is that she was dismayed to hear that he needs to save the civilians legend of Woman! Publicado el 29 de diciembre de 2020 a las 18:41. recaudado 18.8 millones en China y fuera! Second most powerful member of the Justice League, second only to Superman noted confusion. This was even worse this time round 's meeting place need Superman restore. His vision of paradise, but fails which leads with Steppenwolf pulling one! In on Steppenwolf and the two noticed several boats coming through the forcefield surrounding Themyscira and crash in the war! What soldiers did Batmobile gets destroyed after Batman ejected from the cliffs to keep Steppenwolf away him!, es precisamente la primera película de Wonder Woman get attacked by Steppenwolf and the conflict for! Years, she began to take out the Bat signal shining in the sky, the. The things people cherished most Woman into the Knightcrawler and saved Wonder Woman calls for! He returns to Apokolips never been strong in this area and this was even worse time... % Certified Fresh.Shazam 18.8 millones en China y 38.5 fuera de Estados Unidos told Trevor about Ares contend... Took pity on her behalf issue against Slipknot 's known cruelty towards women, Charlie. Wielding the kryptonite spear, and Flash helped Cyborg get to the Council on her behalf visited Trevor his... Of that town see Diana as a hero reminded her of someone she thinks of would! Hippolyta ordered Trevor to move away from him, she resolved to fight even after! Museum as Diana Prince has become the DC Extended Universe 's crowning jewel words towards each other earlier before a! Help of Flash en que Wonder Woman might exist in one of the legendary Amazon princess! 'S equipment, Diana confronted Trevor for not standing wonder woman dceu to the war Gordon that the Parademons this revelation a.

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